Good cheap fridge for sale in Brandon, Mississippi


What do we have here you ask!

Why just the most awesome beer fridge in the history of beer fridges.

Its white, Frigidaire, has an ice maker, works like a charm and holds beer..or cokes..or juice boxes.

Guess we all have to grow up sometimes.

Why you ask am I selling my beer fridge?

Well hold on right there and I'll explain.

You see this fine fridge was doing its thing as the every day grocery holder and doing it well.

One day we moved on up to a new place and low and didn't match.

So we got a black one just like it.

Heaven forbid the fridge didn't match!

Well little mama has bought herself a fridge that can only be described as a second coming of the apocalypse.

So my old faithful friend has to find a new home....maybe it can be yours?

Oh yeah! the if there can be any bad on something as cool as this.

The top pull handle for the freezer part is broken at the bottom.

You should never drink the beer in the fridge before you move it....

You can order a new handle or maybe super glue it where the crack is.

We never worried about it...choice is all yours.

I bought this new in 2005 and have had no problems at all with it...still keeps great temp and the freezer still freezes.

I'm asking $300 for all this cool.

You will be responsible for loading and transportation.

I will not deliver.

Call or text .


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